What is eFrisa?

eFrisa is a secure ready-to-go information app that integrates and deploys information of your orders. This may include, order tracking, account statements, scorecards, and e-quote configurator for forged rings.

How can eFrisa help my business?

eFrisa brings many benefits to you and your business. First and foremost, eFrisa is an information app that can help you be more productive, by having real-time data at hand, you can take full control and traceability of your orders. Have quick access to status reports and accounts statements will help you avoid time tracking down information that’s stored in emails, spreadsheets, documents, or even sticky notes. You got everything you need right at the palm of your hand.

How do I start using eFrisa?

You must request you user activation by completing a Registration Form that includes: Name, Last Name, Job Title, Company, email, phone, city, state, country, main Frisa sales contact, reference & comments. When submitting user registration form, a Frisa administrator will validate your information and set you up with a new user. You will then receive an email with further instructions to set up your account, prompting you to set a password.

Does eFrisa work on my mobile device?

Yes. eFrisa is supported in all environments and platforms, all you need is a web browser with internet connection. Supported Mobile Browsers: Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox. A Wi-Fi® or cellular network connection is needed to communicate with Salesforce. For cellular connections, a 3G network or faster is required. For the best performance, we recommend using Wi-Fi or LTE.

How secure is my data in eFrisa?

When you log in, the URLs used to access your data are all preceded with https:// instead of http://, which indicates that a secure connection has been established. We are committed to keeping your data private and secure. Refer to the Privacy Statement, as well as the Terms of Use agreement for more information.

What support is available to help me with any eFrisa troubleshooting?

Please contact eFrisa administrator at eFrisa@frisa.com. You can also contact us at:

  • • México TOLL FREE: 01-800-253-7472
  • • US TOLL FREE: 1-888-882-0959
  • • International: +52 (81) 8153-0300
Why can’t I log in to eFrisa?

Be certain that you’re using your correct credentials. If you still can’t log in, there are several common reasons why you might be having trouble. Make sure that you actually have permission to use eFrisa. Frisa administrators can control who’s able to use the eFrisa app and can also disable access due to expired or low usage accounts. If you’re not sure that you have access, check with your administrator by contacting: eFrisa@frisa.com.

Why can’t I see some features?

Each user has a customized eFrisa experience and toolset according to specific roles and information needs; this is why eFrisa permissions and access settings for some users are limited.

Adding eFRISA web app button to your mobile device

iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

1. Launch the Safari app on your iOS device.

2. Navigate to the website you want to create a shortcut for.

3. Tap on the "Share" icon at the bottom. This looks like a square with an arrow pointing upwards.

4. Select the "Add to Home Screen" icon.

5. Look for the eFRISA web app button on your Home screen.


1. Launch the Chrome app on your Android device.

2. Navigate to the website you want to create a shortcut for.

3. Tap on the "menu" button of your mobile device.

4. Select the "Add to Home Screen" icon.

5. Look for the eFRISA web app button on your Home screen.

Windows phone

1. Launch the Internet Explorer browser on your mobile device.

2. Navigate to the website you want to pin.

3. Select the 'more' (…) button and click 'Pin to Start'.

4. Look for eFRISA web app as a tile on your Start screen.


What kind of information does Status Reports show?

This section is the ultimate reporting dashboard for all you open, & delivered orders. A lot of information in concentrated within this section.

  • Purchase Order: Purchase Order number as it appears in the customer-forwarded document, including letters and left side zeros.
  • Line Item: Identification given by some customers to a specific portion of the purchase order.
  • Part Number: Part Number or Tag Number in absence of part number, as it is in the Customer Purchase Order.
  • FRISA Job Order: Internal number assigned by FRISA to every order.
  • Order Date: Date when the order has been entered into FRISA´s system.
  • FCDD: Delivery Date confirmed by Frisa to receive the pieces at the agreed delivery point.
  • NEDD: In case the order is running late, we will assign a new estimated delivery date.
  • Shipped: It shows the amount of pieces in order and the total amount of pieces shipped.
  • Status: Specifies the status of an item, and may display several status statements if pieces are currently in different steps of the process. Status available: In Process on Time, In Process delayed, In Transit and Delivered.
  • Documents: Additional documents will be available for printing purposes, including Bills of Lading, Invoices and Material Test Reports.
  • Filters: You may filter your report by: Purchase Order, Part Number, FRISA Job Order, Status and Date.
  • Search by date: Search by and specific date
  • Late Orders: Late orders will be displayed with an orange background.
  • Download Report: Send your reports to Excel and work as your convenience; this feature will export ALL pages from the report.
  • Tool tips: By only placing the mouse over any title, a tool tip will display the meaning of it.
How is the NEDD (New Estimated Delivery Date) calculated?

An algorithm calculates the days needed to complete all processes from the actual status of the order to the last status, those days are added to the actual date.

Why do I get no quote in the e-Quote?

The e-quote has some restrictions in geometry, quantity of pieces or amount quoted; in order to have a more detailed offer for these cases, we prefer our customers to contact us.

Why does the NEDD display to contact my sales representative for some orders?

In order to give you a more accurate date, we ask you to contact us.

What are the security standards at eFrisa?

The eFrisa account is linked to our customer e-mail, Frisa will periodically check if the e-mail is still valid, if no answer is received, automatically the eFrisa account will be turned off.

How can I Download MTR from closed orders?

You can filter your PO number and it will appear even though it has been already delivered.

What kind of information can I see at Account Statements?

In this section you can review your balance accounts on-line, get copies of invoices, obtain updated account statements, and receive other quick and accurate information that you may share with your accounting department. You will be able to review your Account Statement in your own currency, including: Amount overdue, Amount within credit terms, Total due. A drilldown can be made allowing you to see details about the invoice numbers and the amount of each one. Also you may click on a selected invoice and display a copy of the same.